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  1. Passed first attempt with only two minors. Thanks Libby for giving me the confidence to become an independent driver. You were recommended to me by a trusted friend, and I would recommend you to everyone needing a reliable, understanding, considerate, patient and friendly driving instructor.

  2. Libby has been an amazing instructor who id recommend to anyone, she’s very patient and a lovely woman overall. She’s also very pleasant to have a chat with 🙂

  3. After a bad experience starting my driving school that put me off for one year, I finally found the best mentor and teacher that anyone could possibly ask for.
    Miss Libby is a fantastic person, brilliant teacher that made me feel so comfortable and helped me loose my fear. The confidence that I have now it’s all because of her .
    I have passed my test on the first attempt which I am so happy about and this achievement is all because of Miss Libby ‘s outstanding teaching skills and a mounts of patience.
    I will recommend Libby Driving School to anyone that wants to be successful and “drive safe for life “.
    A massive thank you for this

    With respect,

  4. I’ve worked with a couple of instructors over the past few years, but Mo was the first one who I felt comfortable with from the beginning. He explains things clearly, the visuals he uses are really helpful, and he was patient throughout. He’s a nice guy too, and is really funny, which made lessons fun. Any feedback was always helpful and constructive, and he really helped build my confidence. I’ll actually miss having lessons with him every week, but I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor to prepare me for my test, and thanks to him, I passed first time with 5 minors. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to start lessons! Thank you, Mo!

  5. I would absolutely recommend Libby to anyone learning to drive and preparing to take their test!

    Being a licensed driving in another country– Libby certainly had her work cut out for her. I had to not only learn all the rules for UK driving but also reverse all of the bad habits I collected along the way. Libby was extremely patient and informative throughout this entire process.

    Not only was Libby so knowledgeable in driving; she was also amazing in taking me through the process of the test and calming my overwhelming nerves. I can confidently say that I would not have passed without her!

    Libby’s driving school will not only give you the tools you need to pass the test but also make you a better driver no matter the stage you are in your learning.

  6. Libby was very helpful with regular lessons, she is very calm when giving instructions and makes a good learning environment. I am very happy to say I was able to pass first time.
    Thanks for everything Libby

  7. After trying 2 previous driving instructors Libby was a breath of fresh air. She built my confidence after being knocked down from past driving experiences and guided me to passing first time, which I’m sure was quite a task!!! I highly recommend Libby and will be forever grateful for her.

  8. I would highly recommend Libby to anyone learning how to drive. She’s very nice, always remains calm and patient, and very thorough, helping me to learn quickly and to pass first time. I always looked forward to my lesson every week!
    Thank you Libby!

  9. I had Mo as my driving instructor from start to finish. I couldn’t recommend him enough. He is so patient and has an amazing teaching style. As someone who is shy Mo made me feel very comfortable and confident in the car, and is honestly just the best. Thank you so much Mo, going to miss having driving lessons with you!

  10. With Libby’s help I passed my driving test first time in Isleworth. She always gave clear instructions, was so patient and created a calm environment to learn. I have gained a lot of confidence whilst driving with Libby. Thank you so much Libby for all your help!

  11. Libby is thoughtful, patient, diligent, and most importantly Libby cares about your success. Libby went above and beyond to ensure I was test ready.

    Assessing my strengths and weaknesses from our first lesson, Libby boosted my skills and within weeks I was more confident behind the wheel.

    With meticulous attention to detail, a dash of positivity, and a sprinkle of enthusiasm, Libby is a rare gem. I recommend Libby above any driving school, from experience.

    Today, I passed my practical test, and I can wholeheartedly say this was not possible without Libby. I will not forget today.

    Libby, you are the best.

  12. I was recommended to me by 2 friends and I’m very glad that I decided to use her as my driving instructor. As she made me feel confident in my abilities and safe on the road in her vehicle. I am sure that her teaching caused me to be past my driving test the first time round.
    Thank you very much Libby

  13. I was with another driving instructor before I had Mo and making the switch to Mo was probably the best decision I had made he was very professional, I have severe learning difficulties and he took that into account and took me from a “bad” driver to a good, safe and confident driver and he would always go the extra step to make sure I was learning manoeuvres etc correctly and honestly couldn’t recommend him enough when my family and friends ask for a instructor he is the only one I could and will recommend especially in the west London area!

  14. I had mo as a driving instructor and loved it! He is very relaxed, flexible and taught me everything I needed to know. He is very funny and talkative. I honestly had a great time and am going to miss our lessons. Would definitely recommend and thank you.

  15. I have always felt completely at ease with Libby, she is always very relaxed but alert and reacts quickly if needed, making the early days of learning much easier. Libby is very knowledgable and I felt I progressed at a good pace. I know lots of people that have also learnt with Libby and have never heard of any negative experiences. Libby is a great instructor and I would definitely recommend her.

  16. Libby helped me pass first time at the Isleworth test centre. She has taught me to drive from the start and I have gained much more confidence through her lessons. Libby was always calm and clear in her lessons and was very supportive on the day of my test.
    Thank you so much Libby!

  17. Libby was absolutely superb ! 10 out of 10 doesn’t do her justice ! Really reliable , really patient, kind, considerate, understanding, brilliant instructor…I will miss my lessons and time spent with Libby but I am so happy that she’s taught me to drive and pass my test which is a truly life changing experience .. I cannot recommend Libby enough .. absolutely outstanding.:. Thank you so much Libby

  18. Libby was an excellent instructor extremely patient, and informative. She creates a very welcoming, friendly, and calm environment while learning. She has made me a confident driver and couldn’t have passed without her, I 100% recommend.
    Thank you so much Libby!

  19. With Libby’s help I finally passed my driving test last week, 10 years after first attempting (and failing!) with a different instructor. Libby is a great teacher and I really enjoyed my lessons, despite feeling a bit nervous at the start. She was friendly, reassuring and patient, and helped me swap my test with another pupil so I could take it before Christmas, even able to fit me in for extra lessons at short notice. Thank you Libby!

  20. I started driving with Libby in April 22 and passed first time in November 22 at Isleworth Test Centre. Libby is a great teacher, always patient and clearly explains everything. My sister also learnt with Libby during COVID and found her encouraging and very supportive. I have recommended her to a number of my friends who are all currently being taught by her and would not hesitate to recommend her.

  21. I started lessons with Libby in March 2022, and on the 31st October 2022, I passed my driving test, first time, at Chertsy test centre, with one minor fault! Libby has been an amazing instructor, always very patient, calm and clear with her explanations. She made me a confident driver and I am excited to become an independent driver.
    Thank you so much Libby.

  22. I recently passed my test with just a couple of minors. Mo had been an absolutely great instructor. He’s a bit like being taught by an older cousin or brother. Very informative and patient, but still a very enjoyable atmosphere. I definitely recommend!

  23. I passed my driving test today in Chertsey with 2 minor faults and it is all thanks to Libby! Libby has been such a fantastic instructor, she is always very patient and thorough in her explanations. I always felt like she believed in me even if I didn’t and she always made time for my lessons. Libby provided very useful diagrams and sheets explaining maneuvers when I found them difficult making the process a lot more straightforward. I always looked forward to my lessons and I now look forward to being an independent driver, I’m going to miss having my lessons with her!
    Thank you so much Libby 🙂

  24. Just passed my test first time on 29th June in Winchester.

    I have had Mo as my instructor who has been really patient, calm, and encouraging in lessons. I have heard some instructors can be intense but Mo made learning to drive an enjoyable experience. It was never stressful.

    I was provided with clear diagrams and analysis that made parking, roundabouts, and manoeuvres easy to learn.

    The pace of progression was perfect and the driving routes were great.

    The practice test runs (with marking sheets) were very useful and alerted me to reoccurring mistakes.

    Additionally, flexibility and availability of lesson slots was always excellent.

    I would definitely recommend Mo and Libby driving school if you are learning to drive.

  25. Mo was an excellent and patient teacher. I am in my thirties but passed my test when I was 17 and never felt confident driving or parking. I did a series of lessons with Mo, first in his car, then in mine, practising all the things I have found stressful and difficult and am now feeling so much better about getting in the car. His great sense of humour, and complexly relaxed attitude to driving made it so much easier. Thank you Mo!

  26. Just passed my test first-time in Winchester on 29th June.

    I was taught by Mo who has been extremely patient, informative, and generally a great instructor. I have heard that some instructors can be really intense but Mo has been calm and encouraging which made learning to drive an enjoyable experience.

    Practice tests were very useful.

    Diagrams and theory were also taught well.

    Availability and flexibility was great.

    Really recommend Libby driving school.

  27. Libby is an amazing driving instructor I definitely wouldn’t have passed without her, she is very calm which helps a lot and is very informative. Libby made driving a lot easier to learn and I enjoyed driving with her. Thank you so much for helping me pass!

  28. I booked a few refresher lessons as I had lost confidence in my driving. Mo has been a fantastic instructor and with a few lessons I have become more confident. The lessons were tailored to give me experience of the situations I was most nervous about. Using both visual aides and instructions he helped me to understand what I should be doing to drive safely, particularly around big roundabouts! I very much recommend Mo as a driving instructor. Thanks so much Mo.

  29. Learning to drive with Libby was great, she was extremely helpful and I would rate her as one of the best driving instructors out there. Her lessons are very informative and she is a great teacher, patient and friendly which make her a great teacher. Thank you for being such a great teacher, I don’t think I would have pasted without you.

  30. I had struggled with numerous teachers before coming to Mo, since then he has accelerated my confidence and ability. He gives extremely constructive criticism and always leaves me feeling happy after each lesson. Mo works by going through topics in the practical exam and then goes onto mock tests keeping the learning experience as transparent as possible.

    Beyond his first-class teaching, Mo is a comforting, empathetic teacher who will cater for your needs and listens to how best to progress. I recommend Mo to anyone learning to drive, he is an outstanding teacher and I take great pleasure in calling a friend.

  31. I just passed my driving test with only 4 minor faults and this is all thanks to Libby. Not only was she extremely patient and helpful in the teaching department and always gave great guidance and tips throughout our lessons, we also had the struggle of all the lockdowns and covid 19 restrictions. However, Libby stayed patient supportive and in contact with you over these hard times. It was not only a pleasure to learn to drive from her but also to be in her company. I would definitely recommend Libby’s Driving School to anyone who wanted to learn to drive in this area. Thank you so much Libby! (:

  32. Libby was such a brilliant instructor! I’m in my 30s and was rather nervous about driving, but Libby’s calm, clear instruction was exactly what I needed. She was so patient with me and I was overjoyed to pass first time. I’m so grateful for all of her help and kindness. Thank you Libby!!

  33. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor, especially during such a difficult time to learn to drive! Libby was so patient and accommodating and as a result helped build my confidence so much. She taught me everything I needed to pass first time and I put it all down to her teaching that I was able to do that.Thank you so much!

  34. I recently passed my test on the 2nd try and Mo has been a great instructor in not only building my confidence with driving but has also been very patient with me when I didn’t understand something the first time and would come up with different solutions to explain it. I found his instruction very easy to follow and covered everything that would come up in the test. He gave me good and honest feedback after each lesson which we would use to organise our plan of action for the next lesson which made me feel prepared for once it was time for my test. He made sure I wasn’t just driving competently but that I was driving well. I would highly recommend him as a driving instructor!

  35. During Spring 2021 I was contacted many driving instructors and the only company to responded to me was Libby’s. I received an email to let me know Libby was unavailable however an instructor named ‘Mo’ would likely be available and call me soon. He called and we spoke at length at his teaching methods and what I wanted, it was very personalised – I knew at this moment that he was the right teacher for me, however, he wouldn’t let me block book straight away as he wanted to ensure he was right for me, a nice touch.

    Mo has an incredible repetitive way of teaching of teaching both practically and with his own visualisation theory which spoke to me. I believe these visual cues were crucial in enabling me to thoroughly understand how to carry out specific manoeuvres.

    20 lessons later and I passed my test, today!

    Mo started as a teacher but ended up a friend. I learned as we laughed. He is very down to Earth, a man of the people. If anyone can get you over that driving license threshold it’s Mo and I throughly recommend him. Thanks again mate.

  36. I passed first time with only 3 minors! Mo was an amazing instructor, his honesty is one of the key reasons I passed with such little minors. His lessons are well thought and planned, assisted with visual and verbal aids, his communication is brilliant!! I would highly recommend to anyone! Thank you, Mo!

  37. I was referred to Mo from Libby Driving School by a friend for driving lessons, and from the very first lesson I felt extremely comfortable with him and enjoyed his teaching methods,I always looked forward to my lessons with him. He teaches in a way that does not allow you to forget anything, and he was very friendly, funny and extremely patient with all mistakes that I committed while driving. He always provided me with ways to overcome my nerves and negative thoughts when in test conditions, and his advice extremely helped me in passing my test. Would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to take driving lessons.
    Thank you!

  38. Libby was recommended to me by friend also passed with flying colours. She made me feel, comfortable, confident and very relaxed in my journey of learning to drive. I highly recommend this fantastic driving instructor to anyone who’s looking to pass there test in the near future… especially first time. Thank you for all of your understanding and patience in my journey that I had with you.

  39. Libby has been an amazing driving instructor. I’ve had to take lessons and my test throughout Covid which has been really challenging but Libby has been really supportive. She makes you feel really comfortable, is patient and lets you learn at your own pace. She is really friendly and teaches in a clear understandable way. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her!

  40. I passed first time, with only 3 minors! Mo has been an amazing driving instructor. From the first day, all my worries and nerves disappeared. Mo used both visual aids and verbal instructions as teaching techniques and I really found this beneficial. Mo ensured each lesson that I walked away with confidence in what I had learnt and ensured to answer any questions I had. I will really miss my lessons with Mo! Thank you so much Mo!

  41. I was recommended Mr Rajput by a Friend, You get what you paid for, Defiantly worth it, covering A – Z that will come up in the practical test. Would highly recommend to anyone if your trying to pass first time, he is defiantly the instructor to have.

    Passed today with 6Minors.

    Overall very ecstatic with the outcome.

  42. Mo from Libby’s driving school is really amazing instructor and he helped too much in a short time before the my exam. I passed my driving exam today in first try. He is not only care how is your driving, he also care how can you drive much safer. I think that is the key point why he is successful instructor. Thank you so much Mo for your all patience. Driving is not only mechanical action, it is mental process at the same time and Mo knows it very well and he teach it to you. Thank you mate..

  43. Libby is an amazing instructor- helping me to pass first time. When I first started driving I was extremely scared and couldn’t see myself ever being able to pass. Libby soon made me feel at ease and helped me to develop my confidence as a driver. She is extremely patient and friendly and explains everything really well. She makes sure you are completely ready before taking your test so you go into it feeling in control. I can’t recommend Libby enough- thank you for all your help Libby!

  44. Libby was such an amazing driving instructor, she created a wonderful learning environment. Everything was explained in an easy to understand, digestible way which allowed for a lovely, relaxed way to learn whilst still being really clear. Thank you so much Libby!!

  45. Libby was an excellent driving instructor. She is always positive and encouraging and her lessons were not only very helpful for learning but enjoyable! She made it a very easy experience to passing and becoming a confident driver. Thank you!

  46. I am so grateful to have Mo as my driving instructor. His lesson were perfectly planned. One thing I was very impressed about him is his way of motivating, giving honest criticism and finding out my bad driving habits which needed to be eliminated. He won’t hesitate to spend couple of minutes after each lesson to discuss how the lesson went and giving tips to reduce the mistakes. I totally followed his plan and as a result I passed my driving test in first attempt. I would highly recommend Mo to any one willing to learn driving.

  47. Mo was recommended by a friend and I was very happy with the lessons as I felt I was improving each lesson. I felt well cared for and taught. Everything was explained and directed well which lead me to pass.
    I would 100% recommend him for lessons.

  48. Libby was a brilliant driving instructor. She was really calm and kind if I made a mistake as well as being really clear with her advice. She created a really lovely learning environment and helped make me more confident for the future.
    Thank you so much Libby!

  49. I passed my test today first time! And I wouldn’t have done it without Libby. She is a great teacher, very calm and knowledgable about all aspects of the test. I couldn’t recommend her enough.

  50. After my girlfriend had a great experience passing her test with Libby’s instruction, Libby set me up for some lessons with Mo. Having passed around 10 years ago but never really driven since, I had a couple of refresher lessons and then did a Pass Plus.

    Mo is instantly likeable and puts you at ease with great humour. He quickly instills a sense of confidence which for me was just what I needed. He allows you to make mistakes as that’s the quickest way to learn, and I will forever hear his voice when I drive: “only a fool breaks the 2 second rule”.

  51. I passed with Libby Driving School in 2018. Mo, my instructor was great. He made me feel at ease and being a nervous learner he was very patient and never made me feel like I couldn’t do something, even if I thought that. Mo was very thorough and always made sure I understood and was comfortable before moving onto something else. I passed my driving first time. Mo is a great instructor, fun, fair and patient! I would definitely recommend Mo to anyone wanting to enjoy learning to drive!

  52. I started driving lessons with Mo. He is extremely patient, very funny and helped me to feel less anxious when learning to drive. Mo was always positive even when I made mistakes and he always supported me to try my best. He is a great teacher, full of great advice. I would definitely recommend Mo.
    Thank you so much !

  53. Mo was a brilliant instructor and we both clicked really well. This gave me confidence when behind the wheel. Mo’s excellent teaching saw me pass my test with 0 minors. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to pass their test and also have a laugh at the same time. Will be forever grateful for my experience.

  54. Libbys driving school was recommended to me by a friend strongly advised me to get lessons at once and I thank them for it. My first lessons I had were with Libby and my most recent ones with Mo. Libby was very calm and patient and ran me thought the basic within no time, she allowed to learn from my mistakes with help hugely and explained what points I can use to better my confidence and driving skills. I had Mo for the second half of my lessons and to sum up Mo in one word “STAR”. He was so patient and explained instructions thoroughly and clearly for me to understand, he also broke ours lessons down into categories and that helped me loads. I love Mo’s style and teacher strategies and would 1000% recommended him. You both help massively and can safely say I couldn’t have done it without you both. Thanks so much Libby a Mo 👌🏾🚦

  55. Libby is a brilliant driving instructor and would recommend her to anyone! she really built up my confidence and gave me the self-belief to pass my test. Libby is very patient and gives the correct guidance to ensure that you become a life long safe driver. I would 100% recommend Libby to anyone looking to drive!

  56. So happy with this driving school!! My instructor, Mo, was very reliable, made me feel at ease and is such a good teacher. Never made me feel stupid when I made a mistake and was always really positive. Passed my test 1st time and with only 1 fault so would definitely recommend Mo to anyone that wants to learn or is nervous to learn. Thank you so much Mo!

  57. I’d recommend Libby to anyone – she is a lovely, calm presence in the car. She doesn’t get stressed and she explains things well. She also has good techniques for manoeuvres which I will definitely remember! I was anxious about learning to drive having given up when I was a teenager, but I was surprised at how quickly I adjusted to the road again. I was delighted to pass first time around! Thanks Libby!!

  58. After changing instructors a few times and never progressing, I found Libby and she gave me the confidence I needed to pass with flying colors. Libby made me look forward to each lesson and was very patient. Each lesson was productive and I learned so much more with Libby in one lesson than I did in several with others. I will miss learning with Libby now I have passed! Highly recommend. Libby is the best!

  59. Can’t think Libby enough for helping me pass my test – I genuinely looked forwards to our lessons every week and she was so patient and helpful all the way throughout. Couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor, thanks again Libby!

  60. Libby was such a lovely person to get taught by, she was always calm with me and whenever I did anything wrong she always helped me to correct it in a calm manner which is perfect for a learner driver. Libby is so kind and takes so much time in her pupils and i am so happy I had lessons with her as it is the reason I passed my test today, I would recommend any learners to get lessons from Libby.

  61. Libby was an excellent driving teacher. I re-started my driving lessons 10 years after I first started and she was exceptionally patient and encouraging. Passed first time (second time around)!

  62. Libby is a fantastic teacher. She was very patient with me and made me feel confident when first starting to learn. Its down to Libby that i passed first time! I would definitely recommend her to anyone. Amazing teacher!

  63. Would recommend Libby to anyone! She picked up my confidence in driving and helped me get on track to pass my test all the while being very patient. I enjoyed our lessons every week and looked forward to them! Thanks so much Libby!

  64. Thankyou so much Conor for the fantastic review. It was a pleasure to have taught you how to drive..Libby.

  65. Libby is a fantastic driving instructor. I enjoyed all of our lessons all the while she was keeping me on track to pass my test. She has given me driving skills that I will use for the rest of my life. Thanks Libby!

  66. Libby is a brilliant instructor, very patient and calm and made the whole experience of learning to drive fun and seamless. She is able to explain everything in a simple way and I was able to pass my test at first try! I would highly recommend Libby Driving School.

  67. Libby is such a calm women! She always made you feel safe in the car when learning! Thank you so much for everything Libby! I know it has taken a long time but we have finally done it. I would recommend you to anyone! As again thank you so much! X

  68. Bit of a late review, but Libby was such a fantastic, friendly, patient AND dedicated instructor – helped me to pass first time even as an inherently nervous (yet speeding) driver! Brilliant through and through, and would definitely recommend.

  69. It was a great pleasure to be taught by Libby. She was always so patient with me & kind. It’s because of her that I passed by driving test. Thank you so much Libby.

  70. Libby is a brilliant instructor and made the whole process of learning to drive really fun and seamless. She is very calm and patient, and I was able to pass my test first time! Thanks Libby

  71. Libby is a brilliant driving instructor, she is very patient, friendly and encouraging. I would highly recommend Libby’s Driving School!

  72. Libby is a very patient, calm and friendly driving instructor. She quickly picks up on any bad habits forming with your driving and helps you to understand what you should do differently. Despite being awful at bay parking at first, Libby helped me build confidence until I was able to perform a perfect bay park – something in which I really appreciated her calmness and patience. I passed my driving test with very little faults and really enjoyed my weekly lessons; I would definitely recommend Libby to anyone looking to learn to drive!

    Thank you Libby!

  73. Libby has been an amazing instructor! Really calm and approachable. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to learn to drive. It took a while for me but with the help of Libby I managed to pass the test second time around. She has been really great and am really going to miss our lessons, the chats and the laughs… Best of luck Libby!

  74. Libby is a great instructor as well as a lovely person who has helped me to become a confident driver. She worked hard to my fit lessons in around my busy schedule which I am very grateful for. She is very understanding and calm in the lessons and gives great advice and step by step teaching. Also Libby listens to what you as a driver want to work on meaning you become the best driver you can be. Thanks to her I passed my test first time and she really gave me the skills and passion to be able drive on my own.

    I would very highly recommend Libby for anyone who wants to learnt to drive, she is the best!

  75. Libby was a great driving instructor. She taught me in a calm manner and I felt very comfortable during all of my lessons. I felt like I was always learning new things every week and also continuing to improve on my driving in every lesson.
    She was very patient and made learning to drive very easy and straight forward, I would highly recommend her!

  76. I have had a few driving refresher lessons with Libby’s second instructor Mo. I got my licence 9 years ago when I was 17. I then had a break of 7 years. Having recently got back into driving I was lacking confidence and needed someone in the car with me to remind me of correct procedures and tips to become a confident driver again.

    Mo is a great instructor. He is very patient and made me feel at ease from the first lesson. As an advanced student, with a licence already, he made me feel like he was learning how I drive and what areas I needed help with and adjusted his teaching to fit. He is really friendly and outgoing and made me feel very confident. At the same time he is also a very good driver and clearly reminded me of all of the finer points that I had forgotten from my earlier lessons.

    At the end of the day I wanted someone who would teach me not just to drive adequately but to be a good driver and Mo’s energy and enthusiasm for his job has already after only 3 lessons made me feel confident again!

    Thanks Mo!

  77. Libby has been a great driving instructor. She’s very good at making sure you have the basics down and then taking things one step at a time. I never felt out of my comfort zone. In later lessons she is perceptive and can notice little bad habits you may be beginning to pick up, and nip them in the bud. It also helps that she’s a friendly person.

    Thanks to her teaching I passed my driving test on the first attempt. I’d highly recommend her.

  78. Libby has helped me so much throughout the past year ! she’s been super friendly and kind ! she is always there to support me and help me through anything i need ! she helped me gain confidence and taught me everything i needed to know for my test and for general life driving ! it’s been such a pleasure working with her ! would highly recommend to anyone learning to drive, whether they are new or been driving before ! thank you so much Libby for everything you’ve done, it’s been amazing! cannot wait to start a new life of being an independent driver all thanks to you ! 🙂

  79. Libby is such an amazing instructor and is very patient. As well as making me feel very comfortable, she also knew how to challenge me so that I could improve. I would recommend her to anyone who asks.
    Can’t believe I was able to pass first time!
    Thank you so much again Libby!

  80. Libby has been a great driving instructor for the past 6 months. She always remains calm, even when you are not feeling the most confident. At the same time she also pushed me to learn new things each week. I feel like every lesson I learnt something new and became a more independent driver. Libby is also a very reliable driving instructor, allowing me to have regular weekly lessons.

    Thanks Libby for teaching me how to be a safe and confident driver!

  81. When I started with Libby 6 months ago I was a very nervous driver, having failed my test once before with a different. Learning with Libby gave me all the confidence to pass the second time round. Great instructor with infinite patience and I’d definitely recommend.

  82. Libby is a fantastic instructor she’s very nice, patient and easy to get along with. All my lessons were structured really well and helped me with what I needed to improve on. After failing my test twice with a previous instructor I was very fortunate to find Libby who I passed with first time, I would definitely recommend her to anyone that wants to learn the best way they can.

    Thank you for your help and support!

  83. Thank you Libby for being such a great teacher and enabling me to learn how to drive and pass first time. I’m so grateful for your work. Would highly recommend.

    Jowed 🙂

  84. Libby is a fantastic driving instructor! The lessions was great from the start. She is very patient, calm but also pushing me to tackle new challenges each week.

    I was eager to obtain my licence in a short time frame and after only having spent the past few months driving with Libby, I recently passed for the first time in the snow! I highly recommend libby’s driving school to anyone as she is very experienced.

    Thank you libby for all your help and support!

    We did it! Veej

  85. Thank you for teaching me how to drive, now I can drive anywhere you made me feel so comfortable when I was learning to drive and we developed a brilliant friendship when you were teaching me how to drive and I would recommend you to anyone.

  86. Libby was recommended to me by a friend and I’m so pleased I decided to take
    lessons with her. She made me feel confident and assured on the road, which is
    exactly what you need. I know that it’s mainly down to Libby that I passed first time.
    From the bottom of my heart I’m actually going to miss having lessons with her!
    Thank you so much Libby.

  87. Thanks so much for teaching me how to drive and helping me pass first time it was a pleasure being your student!
    It was great how we became friends not just student teacher and you always made me feel so relaxed.
    Thanks for being so flexible with time and for always supporting me!
    Love Becci x

  88. It was a real pleasure to meet Libby. I just passed my driving test, first time! Libby is a brilliant instructor. I would strongly recommend anyone to get lessons with her. Libby made me feel very comfortable and confident in my lessons. Many thanks Libby, I will miss you!

  89. I have spent the past couple of months driving with Libby and recently passed first time. I was with multiple instructors before but finally settled with Libby. She is patient and clear throughout lessons and finds a good mix to ensure lessons are challenging whilst keeping you confident. I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you for all your help Libby.

  90. I found out about Libby through a friend and was eager to obtain my full license in a relatively short time frame before I went to University. Libby was great from the start – very patient and calm but also pushing me to tackle new things when she felt I was ready. I got a lot of feedback about my driving and found talking about how each lesson went at the end was very beneficial, as I received straightforward, concise advice on how to better each aspect of my driving. I ended up taking my test much sooner than I initially thought I would have and passed first time. Thanks again Libby!

  91. Libby is amazing!! Was so lovely to learn with her. Lessons were fun and relaxed. Can’t thank you enough Libby for all you’ve done. Anyone who’s learning to drive should give Libby a call!

  92. Hi Libby, here is my review – I wasn’t sure of the best way to get it to you…hope that’s ok. 🙂

    Learning to drive with Libby was a relaxed and comfortable experience. She was very thorough and ensured I understood the basics so the more advanced areas of driving didn’t seem so daunting. My confidence grew very quickly and the pace of the lessons was just right. Libby is a very kind and calming instructor to be driving with and gave me all the support I needed to pass first time. I would recommend Libby to all learner drivers regardless of experience or disposition. Thank you.

    From alirachido

  93. Libby is a fantastic driving instructor and we’ve been on a long journey together. I’m a busy working mum and had my second child whilst learning to drive. Libby was patient, thorough and encouraging. She takes her job very seriously but with a smile. I recently passed my test and feel so proud. I asked Libby at the start to help me become a confident driver which I now feel I am, thanks to Libby. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you Libby! Naomi

  94. I am so glad that I had the pleasure of meeting and learning with Libby. I had previously had a bad experience with an instructor from a major driving school which had put me off learning to drive for a few years, then a friend recommended Libby and I’m so glad I got in to contact with her! I passed first time with Libby, and it was all down to her ability to pick up on my learning style and adjust her teaching style, which made a huge difference to my confidence and knowledge! She was always relaxed, patient and very easy to talk to. Libby is an excellent instructor and I cannot recommend her enough! Thank you so much Libby!

  95. Thank you so much Libby for being my instructor! Luckily I managed to pass first time and clearly all your knowledge and help paid off. Lessons were never hard work and I was constantly learning. Every aspect of driving was covered and I felt confident and ready when test day arrived. Libby is a friendly, calm & patient instructor and I am very glad I found her!

  96. Libby is an amazing driving instructor, who I would gladly recommend to other learners. I was very nervous about learning to drive, but Libby gave clear instructions and adapted to my own pace. She was always calm and patient, and her friendly rapport helped to build my confidence when driving. She was professional and thorough, taking notes and reflecting on the areas I needed to improve on. Every lesson was valuable as she taught me how to drive safely in everyday situations on the road. I passed my test first time with no faults and it is all because of Libby’s extraordinary teaching skills. Thank you so much Libby, it feels strange now driving without you!

  97. Libby, thank you soo much for being very patient with my driving. Everything worked really well since I’ve been taking lessons with Libby. She is very kind and friendly. She also travels to Turkey, so we always have something in common to talk about during our lessons. She keeps a record of each lesson with all of your strenghts and weaknesses and often goes through those points at the beggining of your next lesson, making you aware of the things you have to watch out whilst driving. Highly recommended. Thank you for everything.


  98. It worked very well with Libby. She is a very thorough and conscientious instructor. She keeps a record of each lesson so she can help you next time with your weaker points like a true professional. She is friendly and very easy to get on with. Highly recommended. Thanks for helping me pass first time.

  99. Libby is a great driving instructor. She is friendly and patient. Libby helped me to gain the confidence and skills needed for driving. She gives clear instructions which are easy to understand. The feedback at the end of each lesson is also really helpful. I would highly recommend Libby. Thank you Libby.

  100. Thank you so much Libby for all your hardwork you put into me and helping me get threw to passing my test! Im so greatful for what you have done for me! Thank you so so much Libby

  101. Libby was an incredible driving instructor and I count myself very lucky to have been taught by her. She was firstly always very patient and also when it came to teaching new things the method would always be very well thought out and easy to remember. I’d recommend her to everyone.

    Thanks so much Libby!

  102. Hello.

    I passed my test on 23rd May on the fourth attempt.

    Having had three other driving instructors, I am able to compare Libby with them.

    Firstly I found Libby very professional but also excellent at building a rapport which made me less nervous. The added benefit of the rapport is that I found it easier to take the feedback.

    Libby was perhaps stronger on the technical side than my other instructors (including the AA Driving School). She noticed that I was coasting and explained to me what ‘coasting’ is, why I shouldn’t do it and the effect it was having in terms on control at junctions especially, then helped me work on it.

    Prior to the lesson that she identified the coaching, Libby had been through all my notes from my other driving tests and explained where I was deficient (areas of weakness that were present in two or more test feedback notes).

    So, Libby diagnosed the areas that needed improvement, gave me feedback and tips on those areas and made sure that I knew what I needed to do and was confident for my test.

    Thank you Libby. I was really losing hope before these lessons.


  103. Libby is a very patient and helpful driving instructor. She helped me build my confidence and was always positive during our lessons. Thanks Libby!

  104. Thankyou so much for all your help Libby, and for being so patient and so hard working. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to start driving!!

  105. I would more than happily recommend Libby to anyone who was thinking of learning to drive. At first the though of driving on the road made me nervous.
    But after the first lesson, Libby’s calm and patient manner gave me confidence.
    I was taught well as I managed to pass first time with very few faults.
    Libby is incredibly friendly and easy to get along with.
    I am going to miss our Saturday drives together.

  106. I passed first time, thanks to libby! I enjoyed her teaching as she ensured i felt comfortable and confident with what i was doing and was very good at keeping things at my own pace. Shes very committed to ensuring her students are ready for their test and makes sure that the test area is well practised.
    I would highly recommend taking lessons with Libby as both my sisters and numerous friends have.
    Thank you so much!

  107. Adele Thankyou so much for your kind review. We worked together as a team & we got the right result on the day. Your driving is of a high standard which showed up on your lessons & became apparent on the day of the test. I wish you well in finding the right car for yourself & “Safe driving for life”.
    Hope to see you out on the roads in the very near future.
    Kind Regards.

  108. I have recently passed my driving test (18th March) first time,all thanks to Libby!.
    I was very nervous to get back into driving after having a bad experience with a previous instructor, from a big driving school. When I eventually thought about getting back into it. I came across Libby’s site (I did do loads of research) but everyone had positive feedback, so I got in contact with her! Libby was very welcoming and friendly over email, and made everything clear and easy. It was the best decision I made. She is an exceptional driving instructor who is very calm, and easy going. She doesn’t rush you,she just makes sure you are confident with everything. I would highly recommend Libby to anyway and everyone (I already have). So get in contact with her and you will be a happy confident driver in no time!

  109. Libby is an extremely calm and patient instructor. I don’t have the greatest special awareness or knowledge of my left to my right but Libby helped me to overcome this and be more aware. I passed first time & shes extremely good value for money. I would highly recommend her services!

  110. Over the past five years I had four different professional instructors (male and female), but Libby was by far the most patient, reliable and dedicated. I am 44 and I was in a rush to pass the test, I had booked the test even before I met her and hadn’t had lessons for a year! She convinced me and advised me that she would prepare me to be ready for the test and she did! I passed on 6th of January. I feel very lucky to have met Libby, I’d highly recommend her!

  111. Thankyou Judy for your kind words.. I was very happy to have taught you how to drive to the highest standards.. I wish you “Safe Driving for Life”

  112. I have just passed my practical test yesterday after having my driving classes with Libby and I could not thank her enough for being so patient and so supportive. Libby is an experience driving instructor and her calm and collective approach will definitely prepare you from the best way to drive properly. I would certainly recommend Libby to everyone !!

  113. I know many people who have used or are using Libby as a driving instructor and really enjoy her teaching. She makes sure you are very confident in the areas you are covering before moving on so as to make sure that she is going at the right pace for you. I found her teaching very clear and calm, making me feel very comfortable and in safe hands. With Libby I was able to pass first time and afterwards, my driving examiner even said that he recognised her and thought that she was a great teacher. I would highly recommend anyone to get lessons with Libby!
    Thank you so much!

  114. Thank you again Libby!
    Libby has been an amazing instructor. she is patient, kind and easy to get along with. I was so nervous before my first lesson, but Libby made me feel safe and with time my confidence grew. She is very clear when giving instructions and helps you as much as she possibly can. I have really enjoyed learning to drive with Libby, and don’t think I could have passed without her. I would strongly recommend her to everybody and would also like to say a big thank you for everything!

  115. I’m so grateful to have found Libby! She has been an absolutely fantastic teacher and I would strongly recommend her. I had had several different instructors in the Isleworth area prior to starting with Libby, and my confidence in driving was really low. Not only was she easy to get along with and a great instructor, but she also made me feel comfortable and confident in the car and I don’t think I would have passed my test without her

  116. I have long nursed a dream of going on a road trip in a camper van. The only
    problem with fulfilling that dream was the lack of a driving license. So after
    a search online for a female instructor in my local area I found
    Libby Driving School.
    Libby is a great driving instructor whose calm and patient manner instills
    confidence as well as skills. I am sure it has been a challenge for Libby to
    teach this mature and overly cautious learner driver but we kept at it.
    With Libby’s superb teaching skills and encouragement our work together has
    resulted in a pass, today. Yeah! Road trip here I come! Thanks Libby.

  117. Libby was a brilliant and friendly instructor and I will miss her very much. A very patient and methodical teacher covering all aspects of driving carefully and thoroughly. I sometimes lacked confidence but Libby was always stayed calm and gave me the support I needed. She got me through my test first time round and I’m over the moon she was there to support me through one of life’s great achievements.
    Thank you Libby!

  118. Extremely patient, explained everything thoroughly, and created a relaxed and comfortable environment in which I could develop my skills and eventually become a successful driver.

    I would 100% recommend Libby, anyone who is taught by her is truly lucky!

  119. Learning the life skill of driving with Libby was great. Every lesson she was patient, informative and skilled to help me to quickly. You always know you are learning relevant skills and information when she is teaching you. I cannot recommend her highly enough and i doubt i would have passed without her expertise and guidance. Rest assured she is a fantastic instructor and is determined to help anyone pass their driving test. Once again I would like to thank you for being so helpful and patient with me.

  120. Libby was recommended to me by a friend and I’m so pleased I decided to take lessons with her. She made me feel confident and assured on the road, which is exactly what you need. I know that it’s mainly down to Libby that I passed first time. From the bottom of my heart I’m actually going to miss having lessons with her!
    Thank you so much Libby.

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